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About the Tutor

My name is Nikola Pujić. I was born in 1997, in Knjaževac, Serbia. I studied at the University of Belgrade, at the Faculty of Philology, where I graduated as a teacher of Serbian language and literature.

I have been teaching Serbian online since my 3rd year at the university, and I've been slowly expanding my Instagram page (@learn_serbian). I have been writing and editing podcast episodes as well (Serbian Language Podcast).

In my lessons, I try to implement a unique approach of teaching the language. The goal is to learn students to use the grammar as a tool in order to make full sentences independently as soon as possible. The language learning process should be fun and over all positive experience.


My past experience:

  •   Content Creator at @learn__serbian Instagram page (2020-present)

  •   Podcast Host at Serbian Language Network (2019-present)

  •   Volunteer text editor at Politeuma magazine (2019)

  •   Volunteer text editor at the RedInfo Portal, Red Cross of Serbia (2018)

  •   Volunteer at International Congress of Slavists, Belgrade, Serbia (2018)

  •   Volunteer radio host at FKMS Radio Knjaževac (2016)

  •   Volunteer content writer at Helly Cherry Webzine (2014)


class of 2016

Bachelors with honours
University of Belgrade

Graduated teacher of Serbian Language and Literature

Bachelor of Arts

linguistics and literature

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