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Self-Paced Beginner Course in Serbian Language

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Want to speak Serbian ASAP, by yourself? Don't have time for a tutor? Try the self-paced Serbian language video course for beginners! Topics covered: 1. Reading and pronunciation 2. Grammar: verb "to be", personal pronouns, gender, asking questions, adjectives, present tense, modal verbs, possessive pronouns, reflexive verbs, nominative and accusative grammatical cases 3. Vocabulary: basic greetings, time and days, numbers, practical question phrases, frequent adjectives, colours, frequent verbs, feelings and emotions, house and furniture, basic prepositions 4. Texts combining topic covered in every lesson, with expanding difficulty What is included: 1. Nine video lessons 2. 173 pages of lessons in PowerPoint 3. Additional slides that were not included in the lessons 4.Quiz after each covered lesson 5. Link for practising vocabulary with flashcards 6. Certificate of completion What are the advantages of this course over live lessons? 1. Study at your own pace, whenever you have time! 2. Repeat the lessons as many times as you like! 3. Save money: Buy 2 months worth of lessons for the price of just one! Watch the first lesson for free here:



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